The Wonderbolts

The Wonderbolts are the most talenterd flyers in Equestria. They grew up in Cloudsdale and are often seen in shows at the Gala and important meetings or parties. The are seen in some episodes. To become a Wonderbolt  you'll have to go to the wonderbolt's academy where they train. If you're lucky at the wonderbolts academy your leader could be Spitfire The captain of the Wonderbolts.

The WonderboltsEdit

The W
The Wonderbolts

The Wonderbolts in the episdoe The Ticket Master

onderbolts is a group of the best flyers in Equestria.The first time they were seen was on a poster in Friendship is Magic part-1. The wonderbolts on the poster are Soarin, Spitfire and Surprise. The next time they were seen in the episode Sonic Rainboom. There names were Misty Fly, Spitfire, and Soarin. They were seen next in the episode The Best Night Ever. In season two They were seen in the episode Sweet and Elite at the Wonderbolts derby. The next time they were seen in season two in Secret of my Excess as they try to save Rarity from Spike. Season three They were also seen in the episode Wonderbolts Academy as Spitfire trains Rainbow Dash. In season four They were seen in the episode Rainbow Falls. They were seen in the episode Testing Testing 1,2,3.   

Mare or Stallion?Edit

Mare mark2

The Mare's Mark

The mark on there costumes, or clothes tells if they are a stallion or a mare. The lightning bolt s

This is a stallion mark

tands for a mare and the lightning bolt with wings stands for a stallion.


Spitfire is a Wo
Spitfire's Cutimeark

Spitfire's Cutiemark

nderbolt. The captain of the wonderbolts to be exact. Shee has a fire-is
Spitfire 3

Spitfire at the Wonderbolts Academy

h colored mane that include the colors orange and light orange.Her coat color is light yellow. She is actually pretty mean and harsh. She also works at an academy. She is probably one of the most common Wonderbolt. Her cutiemark is fire.




Soarin is male pegasus wonderbolt. His coat color is white and his mane and tail are black. His cutiemark is a lightning bolt with wings. (Just like the Stallion mark on there Suits.) Soarin has been seen in many episodes and is also one of the mane Wonderbolts. He is a stallion wich means he has a stallion mark on his suit.  

Misty FlyEdit

Misty Fly 2

Misty Fly

Misty Fly is a female pegasi pony. She is a wonderbolt. She shares her design with Spitfire except light-ish blue and lighter blue. You may also get her in merchandise. She was first seen in the episode Sonic Rainboom. Her cuiemark may be a lightning bolt but has never been shown.  


Surprise is a female wonderbolt that has been seen commonly with Soarin and Spitfire. She has

Surprise in Rainbow Falls

a yellow mane and has never taken off her suit. her cutiemark is unknon but it could be a lightning bolt. She was never named in the shows but was named in merchandise. You may also get a A mini- collection-figure in merchandise.


Fleetfoot's cutiemark

Fleetfoot's cutiemark

eetfoot is a wonderbolt that was seen in the episode Rainbow Falls. Fleetfoot was also seen in the episode Sweet in Elite. Her mane and tail are white and her body is a turquoise

Fleetfoot in Rainbow Falls

d color. Her Cutiemark is a horshoe with a lot of yellow around it.