Princess CelestiaEdit

Princess Celestia is the ruler over all of Equestria
Princess Celestia

Princess Celestia in Princess Twilight Sparkle part - 1

Princess Celestia Toy

Princess Celestia Toy

. She is the first alicorn and has a sister, Princess Luna. She is Twilight's teacher. She has the power to raise the sun and moon. That is how the sun rises in Equestria. She usally calls Twilight "My Faithful Student.

The prophecy Edit

" A long time ago Princess Celestia when Equestria was young, Luna got jealous. She wanted Ponies to show they appreciated her night but all they'd do is sleep in her night but were always happy and playing in her elder sister's daylight. One day Luna wouldn't raise the moon and vowed she'd Shroud Equestria in eternal night. She then changed into Nightmare Moon. For punishment Princess Celestia banished her away in the moon. it was prophesied that on the longest day of the thousandst year the stars would aid in her escape and she would bring upon night time eternal! Princess Celestia took the job of raising the sun and moon. Princess Celestia raises the sun every year in front of Equestria.(usually in celebration of the defeat of Nightmare Moon) But now it is a symbol of the return of my sister: Princess Luna.

Standing Up Edit

Princess Celestia had to stand up to Discord to create harmony for Equestria. Before they were Princesses Discord ruled Equestria in eternal chaos. They used there magic and the elements of harmony to turn him to stone. That is probably how Luna and Celestia became Princesses. The first time he was turned to stone he was laughing expecting them to miss or something like that.

Funny things that she does Edit

in Feeling Pinkie Keen at the end to confirm Pinkie's predicament she flys to grab Spike's letter before he blows it away and grabs it while she says "Twitchy Tail." In A Bird in the Hoof she is being treated nicely and decides to make a joke out of it. every time she drinks her tea Mr. or Mrs. Carrot cake comes and refill it. after about four times of constant refilling she pretends to sip and makes Mr. Cake overflow it. Got Ha she said with a laugh.

Relatives Edit

Some of her relatives are Princess Luna,(Sister) Princess Cadence,(Adoptive Niece)Prince Blueblood(Distant Nephew) Twilight Sparkle,(niece-in-law)and Shining Armor, (nephew-in-law).

Cutiemark Edit

Princess Celestia's Cutie Mark

Celestia's Cutiemark

Princess Celestia's cutiemark represents when she raises the sun like no other pony can do.

Magic GlowEdit

Princess Celestia's color of glow is usually yellow but is sometimes other colors like Black, Green, Vivid,(when using dark or bad magic), Violet, Light Blue, and purple.

We message! Edit

Twilight has Spike not just for an assistant but to help her send Princess Celestia messages.

Some Scrolls

All Spike has to do is blow on a piece of paper. The messages that Celestia sends are wrapped with a strip of leather or string with a C bead standing for Celestia. or if you look at it the other way it looks like a horse shoe. Twilight will send the Princess letters mainly about what she learned by friendship.
Meet Princess Celestia My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Character

Meet Princess Celestia My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Character