Pinkie Pie "Singing Telegram" Invitation Song (1080p HD) (looped)00:39

Pinkie Pie "Singing Telegram" Invitation Song (1080p HD) (looped)

[Pinkie Pie]
This is your singing telegram
I hope it finds you well
You're invited to a party
'Cause we think you're really swell
Gummy's turning one year old
So help us celebrate
The cake will be delicious
The festivities first-rate
There will be games and dancing
Bob for apples, cut a rug [pop]
And when the party's over
We'll gather 'round for a group hug
[Slowing down]
No need to bring a gift
Being there will be enough
Birthdays mean having fun with friends
Not getting lots of stuff
[Breathing heavily]
It won't be the same without you
So we hope that you say yes
So, please, oh please R.S.V.P.
And come, and be our guest!

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