Spike sings the Cloudsdale Anthem-002:10

Spike sings the Cloudsdale Anthem-0

The song is from the episode Equestria Games. The 24th episode in the Fourth Season.

Cloudsdale Anthem LyricsEdit


O, we're the Wonderbolts and were super fast and we're from Cloudsdale which is the part of Equestria.

(heh) And we like best and we're proud and we're fast and we like it cause it really has nice trees.

Ya we love the town because it's so cool and we like to fly really fast and everything like that.

hmm..I kinda wish this was over cause it is since yet.

Over now. Ohh- we're the Wonder bolts and we're super fast and we're Cloud from Cloudsdale.

we like it there cause it's really nice and the tree's are cool and I hope this is over now.

and it keeps going on la, la la, and we really love the town.

so I wish that this was over now, over now, over- now.

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